Master Craftsman

Your superior crafting skills allow you to create simple magic items.

Prerequisites: 8 ranks in any Craft or Profession skill.
Benefit: Choose one Craft or Profession skill in which you possess at least 8 ranks. You receive a +2 bonus on your chosen Craft or Profession skill. Ranks (-3)in your chosen skill
count as your caster level for the purposes of qualifying for the Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Craft Wondrous Item feats. You can create magic items using these feats, substituting your ranks in the chosen skill for your total caster level. You must use the chosen skill for the check to
create the item. The DC to create the item still increases for any necessary spell requirements. You cannot use this feat to create any spell-trigger or spell-activation item.
Normal: Only spellcasters can qualify for the Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Craft Wondrous Item feats.

Enfilading Fire (Combat, Teamwork)

Your ranged attacks take advantage of the f lanking maneuvers of allies.

Prerequisites: Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, one other teamwork feat.
Benefit: You receive a +2 bonus on ranged attacks made against a foe flanked by 1 or more allies with this feat.

Back to Back (Teamwork)

Your ally’s eyes are your own, and yours are his.

Prerequisite: Perception 3 ranks.
Benefit: While you are f lanked and adjacent to an ally with this feat, you receive a +2 circumstance bonus to AC against attacks from opponents f lanking you.

Deadly Aim (Combat)

You can make exceptionally deadly ranged attacks by pinpointing a foe’s weak spot, at the expense of making the attack less likely to succeed.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: You can choose to take a –1 penalty on all ranged attack rolls to gain a +2 bonus on all ranged damage rolls. When your base attack bonus reaches +4, and every +4 thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and the bonus to damage increases by +2. You must choose to use this feat before making an attack roll and its effects last until your next turn. The bonus damage does not apply to touch attacks or effects that do not deal hit point damage.

A thundering weapon creates a cacophonous roar like thunder upon striking a successful critical hit. The sonic energy does not harm the wielder. A thundering weapon deals an extra 1d8 points of sonic damage on a successful critical hit. If the weapon’s critical multiplier is ×3, add an extra 2d8 points of sonic damage instead, and if the multiplier is ×4, add an extra 3d8 points of sonic damage. Bows, crossbows, and slings so crafted bestow the sonic energy upon their ammunition. Subjects dealt a critical hit by a thundering weapon must make a DC 14 Fortitude save or be deafened permanently.

Faint necromancy; CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, blindness/deafness; Price +1 bonus.

Scope of the Night hunter
The lenses of this item are made of dark crystal. Even though the lenses are opaque, when used it allows the user to see normally and also grant him 160-foot darkvision.

Faint transmutation; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, darkvision; Price 12,000 gp.

Gem of Seeing
This finely cut and polished stone is indistinguishable from an ordinary jewel in appearance. When it is gazed through, a gem of seeing enables the user to see as though she were affected by the true seeing spell. A gem of seeing can be used for as much as 30 minutes a day, divided up into periods of minutes or rounds as the user sees fit.

Moderate divination; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, true seeing; Price 75,000 gp.


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