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Links to all my Paracosms

Ideas for games that I think about when I can not game for a few weeks, all in one place. If you like then please let me know and feel free to use any of this.

After looking at a possible computer game I feel the need to play some Cyberpunk, Throwing some ideas out there for my gaming group.
Archive for GurpsMP
Mask of the Red death stuff
I really would like to run or play in a steampunk game and my gaming group are not the best at making a world all their own so I will start one Steampunk one day.
Hmm a little Fantasy World I was working on years ago, as soon as I find the notebook that the notes are in, warning this one is going to be rough.
Science fantasy setting using modified Shadowrun 3 rules, not a future Earth just a different one.

Main Page

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